Each year, approximately 54 million people cross the border through the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa lanes for which these numbers keep increasing every year.

The majority of the people in Mexico have different objectives when it comes to crossing the border to the United States. Some cross to the United States to do shopping, work, assist school, manage business affairs or simply visit for tourist purposes. A great number of United States citizens and legal residents who live in Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito, Ensenada and Mexicali cross the border daily to work in the United States.

At Transmedia Advertising, we help you capture this market of more than 3 billion dollars annually through the use of mass media that utilizes this traffic of people along the border. We not only help our clients choose different media outlets in Mexico but also we support with billing, supervision, bonuses, negotiation and customs documentation with different media companies.

What We Do

We represents the mass media in the Tijuana-San Diego border region.

ZETA Newspaper

ZETA is a weekly-based newspaper with a print-run of more than 35,000 copies distributed in the whole state of Baja California. Their journalistic investigations have earned them various international awards and recognitions. Their profound investigations in topics related to politics, corruption, narcotraffic, sports and culture make them one of the most accredited newspapers not only in Baja California but in the whole Mexican republic. Their webpage www.zetatijuana.com has more than 3 million visits on a monthly basis.


Newsweek is a bi-weekly magazine geared toward an upper socio-economic class. Many members from the Chamber of Commerce receive this magazine directly at their home or workplaces. The prestige of their columnists and articles make this magazine unique in the political, social and economic fields. Visit www.newsweekespanol.com


In Transmedia Advertising we help you obtain the best outdoor billboards in both sides of the border lanes. Our company focuses on finding billboards that are clean from visual contamination. By this, we mean that we will make sure that the billboards are not found in the middle of other billboards that may remove its impact. We will help you document the customs permits in case that you use vinyl. We can also help you obtain a good quality and low-cost billboard by producing it in Mexico. An important key point to make here is that it takes on average 1 hour to cross the border which is sufficient time that allows your client to read your message.


Do you already produce flyers? Would you like to have the people that cross the border read your advertisement while they wait? During the weekdays, the average to cross the border is about an hour. In the meantime, weekends it can take people to cross the border up to 3 hours. We help you process customs-related paperwork to cross the flyers and assure the flyer delivery supervision in the indicated day and hour.

Email Marketing

We send the information to our databases (which has more than 50,000 contacts throughout the region) through our weekly bulletin, for which it consists of an electronic flyer with advertisements and general information (e.g. Advertiser web link or event promotor contact information via an exclusive e-flyer).
This type of promotion is inexpensive especially if we compare the cost of flyer printing or conventional paper posters plus the delivery fee addition.

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